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Case studies

Why Aplix Solutions?

Adopting new IoT technologies require abilities to develop both hardware and software/service quickly while the project can easily become very complexed. Aplix has numerous experiences in developing hardware, applications, and constructing servers and has been offering end-to-end IoT solutions for our clients.

Case 1: Water Purifier

While water purifiers deliver safe, clean water if properly maintained, monitoring their performance and give timely maintenance over the time is rather difficult. They are often left with dirty old filters and not able to perform their job well.

With IoT technologies, some manufacturers of water purifiers have successfully transformed their business models to offer continuing services to the users of their products to establish long lasting, after-sales relationships instead of remaining to be mere vendors. Meaningful after-sales relationship enhances the brand value and often creates new business opportunities.

Case 2: Pet Products

The growing pet industry is aggressively adopting IoT technologies. This client of ours has envisioned offering complete line of IoT pet products that are used in connection with activities of daily life to monitor the health of pets.

Case 3: Aroma Diffuser

Without having to alter the popular design, our client was able to add two kinds of timer function, a music player, and several push-notification functions to make its aroma diffuser more enjoyable for consumers. Providing linkages to information sites and e-commerce sites, this client was not only able to distinguish its product from others’ but also able to establish new engagements with the end-users.

Case 4: Office Coffee Dispenser

Still in the early days of IoT society, businesses are trying to find what new business models are created with IoT technologies. Our client, an information contents provider, wanted to experiment with IoT coffee dispensers in the office environment to evaluate the business potential of communications and transactions originated from coffee dispensers. In the trial, potentials are found to be high in various areas such as e-commerce, advertising, and facilitation of intra-office communications. Potentials for new business models created on IoT coffee dispensers are verified.