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Aquatech Amsterdam 2017

From October 31 to November 3, 2017, Aplix opended a booth at Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 is one of the world’s leading water exhibition.

At the show, Aplix exhibited and demonstrated its IoT solution specifically developed for the water treatment industry including a new product "HARPS Aqua" and distributed a complimentary monitor version of "HARPS Aqua" to corporations, etc. that are considering water purifier management by using IoT.

Our Exhibition Scene

It was great to see everyone at Aquatech. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the visitors who came to our booth.

Aplix Booth01
Aplix Booth02
Aplix Booth03
Aplix Booth04
Aplix Booth05
Aplix Booth06


Aplix exhibited the following IoT solution.



"HARPS Aqua" is a packaged product to connect existing water purifiers to the Internet and manage them in the cloud. It contains a device "IoTIZRTM" to send information on a water purifier, smartphone app, security measure, and dedicated cloud service.

See the Aplix press release: Development of IoT-capable All-In-One Package "HARPS Aqua," Just by Connecting to a Water Purifier Complimentary monitor version to be distributed at "Aquatech Amsterdam 2017" and HARPS web site for details.

Beacon-Embedded Water Flow Sensor with Quick Connect Fittings

This product just needs to be attached to an existing water purifier as a joint, as shown on the right, to make it IoT-capable. This device has been chosen by Franke, the largest kitchen sink maker in the world.

For details, see the Aplix press release: World’s Foremost Kitchen Sink Manufacturer announces Internet of Things (IoT) Water Purifier System using Aplix IoT Solution – Water purifiers already installed and in use can easily be upgraded to accelerate the conversion to IoT – and Beacon-Embedded Water Flow Sensor with Quick Connect Fittings on the Aplix web site.


Exposition Overview

Exhibition Name: Aquatech Amsterdam 2017
Date: Oct. 31 to Nov. 3, 2017
Venue: RAI Amsterdam
Aplix’s Booth No.:. 05.334
Official Site:


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Thank you very much for visiting Aplix’s booth.