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WQA 2018 Convention & Exposition

From Mar.26 to Mar.29, 2018, Aplix run a booth at the "WQA 2018 Conventions & Exposition" held in Denver, Colorado, in the U.S. The WQA Convention & Exposition is an exposition held by the Water Quality Association (WQA), an international industry group for water treatment.

Aplix exhibited and hold a demonstration of products for an IoT-capable water treatment system including the new product "HARPS™."

Our Exhibition Scene

Aplix exhibited products for an IoT-capable water treatment system.

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Aplix exhibited the following IoT solution.



"HARPS" is a packaged product to monitor information on water treatment system via the Internet. Aplix began sales of "HARPS" in the U.S. and Europe from April 1, 2018. Launch in Japan is planned in the summer of 2018.

See the Aplix press release: Launch of All-In-One Package "HARPS" for IoT-capable Water Treatment System on April 1― Services compatible with various sensors planned to be provided in addition to filter life surveillance for water purifiers ― and HARPS web site for details.

Beacon-Embedded Water Flow Sensor with Quick Connect Fittings

The IoT module developed by Aplix, water flow sensor, and one-touch joint for a water supply hose are integrated in the product. IoT capability is realized simply by attaching to the water supply hose of a water purifier, including notice of filter replacement to be received on a smartphone. This device has been chosen by Franke, the largest kitchen sink maker in the world.

See the Aplix press release: Franke, The World's Foremost Kitchen Manufacturer, Launches Filter Monitoring Device Using Aplix's IoT Solution for Water Purifiers and Aplix web site for details.

RO demo

Surveillance of RO Membrane Performance


Remote Controlled Electromagnetic Valves



Exposition Overview

Exhibition Name WQA 2018 Convention & Exposition

Mar.26 to Mar.29, 2018

Venue Colorado Convention Center
Aplix's Booth No. 649
Official Site


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