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Notification Beacon

Aplix offers everything needed to develop and market IoT products from hardware and software to cloud service. Clients only need to install the module in the product.

No more forgetting maintenances

Notification beacons monitor the usage and condition of appliances and timely alert the users when attention is in need. For example, when a user forgets to replace the filter of the water purifier, the notification beacon application will inform the user that filter replacement is due based on the actual usage. Take the guesswork out of the maintenance and keep appliances in their best working conditions.

  • ・Users are reminded to give proper maintenance for best performance and longer-lasting quality
  • ・Based on actual usage instead of just a timer

Helping users to maintain properly helps to keep the quality of your products longer

By reminding users of maintenance needs with Aplix notification beacons, manufacturers could take proactive approach to maintain the quality of products long after they are in consumers’ hands. In addition, the application could be linked to websites for warranty registration, setup and maintenance instructions, supply/replacement parts order, etc. Notification beacon helps your business to enhance customer satisfaction and create post-sales recurring business opportunities.

Real time e-commerce

Aplix notification beacons are designed to help manufacturers of home appliances to engage in a long-lasting post-sales relationships with their users. With notification beacons, manufacturers could keep reaching out to the customers though helping them to maintain the products and sending them relevant and useful information in a timely manner. Through the course, manufactures could enhance their reputations in good customer services and high quality, long-lasting products while affording themselves real-time, on-demand e-commerce opportunities.


What is Aplix Notification Beacon? (Video Clip | 5min4sec)
Imbedded in home appliances, notification beacons monitor the usage of the appliance and send notifications to users’ smartphones when attentions are needed. At the same time, useful information can be sent to the users to help them to enjoy their life with the appliance better and provide links to e-commerce sites for relevant products and services.