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Aplix Wi-Fi Solution

Using Wi-Fi, users will have access to their IoT electronics and appliances from outside home. Aplix Wi-Fi solutions are pre-certified in 50 major countries for immediate use. Set up is easily done by simply touching the devise with the smartphone.

Easy Setup

Wi-Fi setup usually requires users to enter the SSID and the password. With home electronics and appliances without keyboards and screens, setup can be very confusing. With Aplix Wi-Fi solution, all it takes is just to touch the devise with the smartphone.

Freedom in Choosing Locations for Installation

Wi-Fi has a large power consumption and requires the AC outlet. However, with Aplix Wi-Fi solution, Wi-Fi gateway and Bluetooth Low Energy module can be installed in separate locations. For example, a module embedded flow meter can be installed with an under-sink water purifier without AC power while a Wi-Fi gateway can be installed elsewhere without worrying about electrical leakage near water source.

Design Flexibility Depending on Budget and Configurations

For cost sensitive products, only essential functions, such as notification for maintenance, may be utilized while, for more upscale products, more complex functions, such as remote control, may be added.

Aplilx Wi-Fi solution offers several configuration options to choose from.

1. Built-in Wi-Fi on the PC board

2. Connecting Wi-Fi module on PC board for Wi-Fi compatible model only

3. Add-on option on regular model

4. Wi-Fi gateway installed at a separate location

Ready for Immediate Use

No external CPU necessary. No need of Wi-Fi protocol stack and firmware development. Pre-certified for immediate use under radio signal laws and regulations in 50 countries.