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IoT × Pet Health Care

Longer, Healthier Life for Our Pets

Since our pets can’t tell us when they have health problems, their illnesses may be very serious already by the time they look sick to us.


Log detailed Life Activities of Our Pets Through IoT

IoT technologies could connect various pet products to the internet, and many life activities of our pets may be monitored without us being with our pets all the time. Their activities can be logged in the cloud server and viewed through applications on our smartphones and tablets.

Preventing Our Pets from Becoming Sick

Or smartphone applications can be designed to alert pet owners when abnormalities are detected. For example, if pets are not eating well or not going to the bathroom as often, the app will tell us, and we know there may be something wrong.

Health Care Provided by Artificial Intelligence Utilizing Big Data

Date log can be shared with the vets for evaluation and diagnosis. In the future, artificial intelligence could work on the big data collected through various IoT pet products to improve pet medicine.


Aplix Offers Complete Solutions

At Aplix, we offer embedded IoT devises for various pet products including pet wearable, food dispenser, and litter box. We also offer smartphone applications and cloud server services for complete healthcare management.

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