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IoT × Post-Sales Customer Service

Alert Users When Attentions Are Needed

Users of products that require regular maintenance may often be neglected just because users forget that the maintenance is due.

Reminding Users of Maintenance Will Increase the Sales of Replacement Components

By reminding the users of, for example, the need for replacing filter cartridges at appropriate timings, the risk of lost-sales opportunities may be minimized. By leading users to related websites, cross sales opportunities could be created. Utilizing information available from the cloud server, new service and sales opportunities may be discovered.

Detecting Problems for Proactive Customer Care Service

IoT module embedded products could communicate problems to users via smartphones/tables or to manufacturers via cloud server. Users can access trouble-shooting and other information including video instructions as well as customer service sites from the alert screen on their smartphones. Manufacturers could even contact the users even before they are aware of the problem.

Give Your Customers Greater Peace of Mind

By assuring that your products are properly monitored and maintained, you could provide greater peace of mind to your customers. Especially products like water and air filtration systems, users would appreciate that their filters are in good working condition.

Aplix IoT Solutions Will Work with Most Sensors

Aplix IoT modules could be embedded or otherwise attached to almost any kind of sensing devises as well as motors and other electronic mechanism that triggers reportable events. With our IoT sollutions making products IoT compatible is so easy.

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