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IoT × Product Differentiation

Differentiate Your Products with IoT Technologies

With varieties of products available in the market, it is very difficult for consumers to make a choice. And it is very challenging for manufacturers to make their products distinguishable from others. With IoT technologies, consumer products could be made even easier to use and fun to use.


Creating New Kind of User Experience

By connecting housewares with the internet, information helpful and useful to the users could be searched and delivered to the users. For example, weather and traffic information can be automatically delivered to the user’s smartphone when her morning coffee is brewed.

Make Products More Fun to Use

Connecting products with the internet could make the product more fun to use. A connected aroma diffuser, for example, could make recommendations on the fragrance based on the time, weather, or even horoscope. Recommended products could be purchased through the app on the user’s smartphone. Or it can be turned on when the user enters the room with her smartphone.

Developing New IoT Products Can Be Fast and Easy with Aplix

IoT products are not something of the future any more. IoT technologies are readily available today, and they help adding new values to your products and services. With Aplix solutions, new IoT products could be launched much faster and easier than you would imagine.

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