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IoT × E-Commerce

Providing Users with Instant Access to E-Commerce Site with Only One Push

As consumers, most of us have experiences of forgetting to buy something when we go shopping. E-Commerce available to us today provides convenience of being able to do shopping anytime without having to go anywhere.

No Need to Open PC or Even Search on Smartphone to Enjoy Convenience of E-Commerce

Aplix offers an instant IoT solution to connect consumers to E-Commerce sites without making them to open their PCs or search on the internet. Placing orders can be as easy as just pushing the button on IoT beacon.

Offering Ultimate Easiness and Convenience to Consumers

Aplix Manual Push Button IoT beacon, for example, can be attached to a box of laundry detergent. When the box is near empty, consumers can just press the button on the beacon to place orders. The beacon will communicate to the app on the consumer’s smartphone and the app will place the order. It is so easy and convenient.

Ultimate Lock-In Tool

For consumable products repeatedly purchased, this is the ultimate tool to lock-in your loyal customers. Working with the app on the smartphone, promotional information about other products can be also sent to your customers. There are so many creative ways to benefit your business with Aplix IoT solutions.

Case studies