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IoT × Telematics

Seamless Connection Between Smartphones and Car Telematics Devises

When involved in an accident, for example, a driver may not be able to use his smartphone because he may be injured or in a panic. It may be much easier for him if there is a button equipped in his car that will make a call from his smartphone, let him talk to the operator, and show his location to the operator.

IoT Beacon Offers Telematics Solutions

With IoT beacon equipped in the car, drivers can make calls to the preset number from there smartphone by just pressing the button on the IoT beacon. At the same time, information such as their identities and locations are automatically communicated through the cloud computing.

Whether Injured or Panicked, Drivers Are Connected

Insurance companies, for example, can provide their clients with this IoT beacon to make sure their clients could reach them when needed. Drivers need not have their insurance carriers’ phone numbers to make calls. All they need is just to push the button.

Aplix Solutions Are Customizable for Clients’ Needs and Requirements

Both IoT beacons and smartphone applications are customizable for specific needs and requirements. Aplix offers much faster and more affordable alternatives to developing a new product from scratch.

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