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IoT × Disaster Preparation

Preparation at Home and Office

Harm from natural disasters can be controled with preparation. At home and office, preparations to prevent fires from occurring after disaster attacks, to avoid injuries by providing enough light while evacuating during night time, etc., could make a huge difference.

IoT Technologies Enhance Safety and Peace of Mind

IoT beacons can be embedded in, for example, lighting fixtures to connect with emergency alert notifications. When alerts are sent to smartphones, lights can be automatically turned on. Likewise, heaters may be automatically turned off when alerts are sent.

IoT Technologies Provide Inexpensive Solutions to Reduce Damages from Natural Disasters

With IoT technologies, the risk of secondary disasters can be reduced at very small cost. Just turning on the lights and shutting off the electronics that could cause fires before an earthquake wave hits, for instance, could save lives.

Disaster Information May Be Linked Through Embedded IoT Beacons

Not only tuning lights on and shutting heaters off, users can be kept informed via notification functions of IoT embedded products. For example, when products are malfunctioning due to disasters, link to disaster information may be provided within the alert message notifying the users of malfunctioning. IoT technologies help us to make our cities safer place to live.

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